Gold Candlestick centrepiece with Florals

Creating the Perfect Wedding Centrepiece

Creating the PERFECT Wedding Centrepiece. A Beginners Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Centrepiece. So. Your wedding planning is well under way.   Dress – TICK Venue – TICK,  Photographer – TICK And lots of other stuff too! Excellent! But. Let me ask you a question: What about table decorations for your wedding reception? It’s one Read More


A Flower Wall For Every Occasion

Thats right, in todays social media focused world, getting noticed is everything and flower walls are an ideal solution. Weddings Need a Flower Wall Flower walls offer the perfect backdrop for photos that will be memories you cherish for years to come. Placement of your flower wall at a wedding if carefully planned, can offer Read More


School Ball Themes

School Ball Themes Coming up with a theme for your school ball is both exciting and truamatic. The PEER pressure to hold the biggest, bestest ball ever. The SCHOOL boundaries for your ball theme. Then theres the dreaded BUDGET to create your school ball theme. School Ball Themes and Ideas are many but the trick is Read More

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony 101

  You’ve set the date,    your wedding venue’s booked,     your ceremony location decided. NOW its time to fill in the details – remembering that your ceremony is not only the legal necessity but the time when commitment is declared,  promises made, love proclaimed. LETS make it worth remembering as much as the Read More

wedding ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Planning Questions Answered

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Planning is crucial for the smooth execution of this special and formal part of your wedding day.  10 things to consider when planning YOUR ceremony, making this process easier. Yes we all dream of the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony  – blue skies,  gentle breeze, perfectly manicured grass or golden sands – some Read More

Garden Wedding Ceremony -Ellerslie

12 Wedding Ceremony Locations

12 Wedding Ceremony Locations Beach, Barn, Garden or Church – just a few possible locations for the legalities of marriage and one of many choices confronting you as you begin planning your wedding. Check out our list of 12 location ideas for your dream wedding ceremony.      Beach – sand? tide?      Waterfront  – grass Read More


Covers Decoration Hire – my baby

Covers Decoration Hire – my baby, well more like primary school kid now – 5 years in the event industry. I realized this morning WHY I love this business. This past weekend I spent a drizzly Saturday afternoon cutting, gluing, constructing Halloween decorations.  It’s amazing how many bits and pieces we have in our storeroom Read More