12 Wedding Ceremony Locations

Beach, Barn, Garden or Church – just a few possible locations for the legalities of marriage and one of many choices confronting you as you begin planning your wedding. Check out our list of 12 location ideas for your dream wedding ceremony.

  •      Beach – sand? tide?
  •      Waterfront  – grass area up from beach.
  •      Garden – private or public
  •      Church
  •      Clifftop
  •      Mountain/hilltop – snow? rocky?
  •      Restaurant
  •      Hotel
  •      Farm,  Barn
  •      Marquee
  •      Cruise
  •      Forest
The top 4 in this list are the most popular choices of Brides and Grooms in New Zealand.  A location of significance to you will make your  day very special, one to be cherished and remembered.

One more thing –

We all dream of the weather being perfect for the wedding day.  Sunny but not too hot with a gentle breeze but unfortunately this is not always the case so its important to have Plan B because you cant control the weather for the day of your wedding ceremony.  Keep Plan B simple, be prepared to notify your guests of any change.  try and make the change at the same or nearby location under shelter of course.  But what ever happens your day will still be special.