Centrepieces create the ultimate atmosphere to your event.

We have centrepiece solutions for your wedding, corporate event, school ball or birthday party. Tell us what your theme or budget requirements are, and we will create your ideal arrangement or help inspire you on your DIY centrepiece journey.

Create the Ideal Wedding Package with A Table Centrepiece Hire

When you’re planning for a wedding, and it’s essential to have the details just right, a centrepiece hire can save you time and simplify a stressful process. Covers Decoration Hire can give you the assistance you need so that the wedding you’re planning is as beautiful as possible. Below, we explain how our centrepiece hire in Auckland can enhance your wedding, as well as some common errors to avoid.

The Importance of Centrepieces for Hire

Centrepieces are more than simple table decorations. There are several ways that they play a vital role in your wedding:

  • With our exceptional designs, a table centrepiece hire lets you create an elegant ambience that starts with the reception hall and continues to the details at each table. Let your guests experience beauty throughout the meal and create an inviting space for them to return for conversation once the dancing begins.
  • Set the tone for the event so that each guest can intuitively feel that the wedding is one of beauty and respect. Elevate your guests’ sensibilities with a centrepiece that attracts attention, then blends into a glamorous atmosphere.
  • Establish the ideal background for your photographers to capture these special moments. Your wedding table centrepiece hire will continue to shine for decades to come as you recall this day and share it with your family for many years in the future.

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