Gold Candlestick centrepiece with Florals

Creating the PERFECT Wedding Centrepiece.

A Beginners Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Centrepiece.

So. Your wedding planning is well under way.   Dress – TICK Venue – TICK,  Photographer – TICK And lots of other stuff too! Excellent! But. Let me ask you a question: What about table decorations for your wedding reception? It’s one thing having images on your phone or in your Pintrest folder, but how do we make sure your efforts don’t end up in a Pinterest disaster folder!! Let me tell you how, but before I do, let me share a personal experience with you.  I’m a mum and when my daughter got married I wanted it to be the most special day I could make it for her. I won’t pretend we didn’t have our challenges despite having a whole showroom at her fingertips! I speak to all Mothers of brides – when I say, I would have flown in whatever ever she wanted to make her day unforgettable in all the right ways! I know you will understand.  I went through many steps to ensure we created something unique for her wedding reception that fitted her personality..And I’m happy to say it paid off handsomely.  I speak to you not only as a mum but as an experienced wedding decor stylist now, who is going to help you work through any confusion to create a clear picture of what you want by sharing these designer tips with you:

WHAT is the style of your venue?

  • Keeping your centrepiece in a complimentary style to your venue creates a cohesive look.  
  • Working with what is around you reduces the amount of styling required.  
  • The style of your wedding should be reflected in the style of venue you have chosen.  

ARE your venue ceilings HIGH or LOW?

  • High ceilings? Have tall centrepieces to balance out the room.Ceiling draping creates a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Low ceilings?  Keep the focus on the tables, pretty with fullness. 

WHAT type of tables will you be using for your wedding reception

  • I recommend you style your centrepiece to fit the tables 
  • Rectangle tables demand narrow elongated designs 
  • Very large round tables have a large area in the middle to play with

HOW many guests will you sit at each table?

  • The more guests you have at a table the more glassware, crockery and cutlery will be on the table creating fullness of space.  

WHAT is your budget?

  • Knowing this = the very best value for money  
  • What are you comfortable spending per table? 
  • It is different for everyone and there is no right amount
  • Think about where the decor comes in your priority list and stick to what you are happy with

DO you love fresh flowers?

  • Of course who doesn’t, but are they a deal breaker with your centrepieces?  
  • Could you substitute some fresh with faux 
  • Are you happy with just faux flowers  

DO you love candles?

  • Wax real flame candles create an atmosphere like no other.  
  • There are loads of styles to choose from, my favourite is the floating candle.  
  • These can easily be incorporated into almost every theme.   
  • HOT TIP: Check, Check, Check with your venue  they permit the use of real candles

HAVE you thought about a wedding centrepiece package? WHO will be setting up? 
  • This is important when planning your centrepiece because if you decide on a complex detailed design for your wedding tables you need to be confident that it will be executed as planned.
If you take the time to answer these questions, then come and talk to someone like myself I can work with you to help you create stunning centrepieces that fit to any budget.  And I mean that.  Tell me what your dream is, and let me work with you to make it a reality. Perfect Centrepiece TICK.