School Ball Themes

Coming up with a theme for your school ball is both exciting and truamatic.

The PEER pressure to hold the biggest, bestest ball ever.

The SCHOOL boundaries for your ball theme.

Then theres the dreaded BUDGET to create your school ball theme.

School Ball Themes and Ideas are many but the trick is finding one that everyone on your ball committee will give the thumbs up to. Here 8 great ways to help finding the perfect theme for your school ball.
  1.  Look at your venue style and areas for ideas.  You may have an outdoor balcony/deck that could be incorporated, you may have a fabulous long hallway great for creating a grand entrance to your school ball.  Great high ceilings cry out for dressing but not all themes need ceiling treatment.
  2. Look at prevous years balls, talk to the attending teachers about what worked and what didnt.
  3. Check out pinterest, instagram and other social media sites for ideas.
  4. Consider styles – glamourous, rustic, serious, pure fun, colours translated into themes.
  5. Consider the amount of work your committee and students,parents are prepared to put in on the day.
  6. Trending movies, travel destinations, historic places all offer great ideas.
  7. Contact companies that deal with the decoration of school balls, we have a wealth of knowledge and can often save you time and money.
  8. And of course brainstorm with other members of your committee.

School Ball Theme Decided.  GREAT!!!

Now its time to put together a styling plan, talk to your vendors and get everything nailed down for the school ball of the year. ENJOY.