Stem Vase Small

This Stem Vase small is part of a set of 3 stem vases.  The height of the small vase is 40cm, medium vase is 50cm and large is 60cm tall. Fabulous quality glass vases. You can hire them as a set of individually at the desired height. They look amazing with water and floating candles placed in a group with the three sizes. Perfect to line your wedding aisle or beside your wedding arch at a ceremony.  You cant beat the glow of candle light. Another wedding idea is to place two sets at the end of a bridal table.

Stem Vase Small is also ideal as a flower vessel for wedding centrepieces.

Oh such style can be created when the vases are placed on a candy bar or banquet table. Birthday parties, engagement parties, corporate events will all be enhanced by this stunning set of glassware.