Fairylight Backdrop with poles, lights, fabric drape.

Collection from our showroom, Self set up and return.


Fairy Light Curtain – 3m

Fairly Light Curtain – 3m set width available to hire. This fairylight curtain can be hired out and self set up by you. The perfect way to add a bit of shine to your wedding bridal table or to brighten up your event. We have a 6m wide by 3m high fairylight backdrop available in our self set up range.  
  This price includes all your essentials for a 3 metre¬†fairylight backdrop.
  • Necessary Poles for 3 metres
  • Warm White Fairy Lights
  • Cream or White Standard Fabric
If you require additional accessories to your backdrop, inquire for prices.
  • Overlay (Different Colours Available)
  • Different Coloured Fabric
  • Swagging