Backyard Wedding Package

Are you considering a small intimate wedding with 50 of your closest family and friends?  Our backyard wedding package is ideal.

Create the perfect setting in your backyard with these essential items.  However if  your backyard is not suitable, you could ask family members, friends or even neighbours to use their garden.  Other great locations include barns, garages, decks, public parks or beaches.  Dont forget to check out cafes and restaurants.  Local small business may enjoy an alternative use of their premises.

Imagine your chosen wedding ceremony area is framed with an arch and a small signing table and chair.   If you would prefer a flower wall as a backdrop we are happy to exchange the arch.  Your aisle flows between 24 chairs and flower arrangments.

For your drinks table, we supply two 2.4m tables with cloths.  One for your drinks with  6 white ice buckets for drinks.  24 tumblers, 24 stemmed wine glasses, 6 water bottles. One for the food with a  bonus of a floral arrangement to brighten the table until your food is served.

What’s in Your Backyard Wedding Package?

Priced at $500.00 + gst  ( $575.00)  Free delivery and pickup from May 2020 until 31 December 2020. Exclusions apply.